Welcome, Purple Whale Publishing!

Purple Whale Publishing has assumed the duties as publisher of F.T. Burke. Both books have been republished as second editions and are now available for order from booksellers.

cover The Bohemian Adventure: A Cosmic Deadhead Journey “The Bohemian Adventure” has a stunning new cover for the second edition. The subtitle has also been changed to “A Cosmic Deadhead Journey”. Of course, the second edition also notes that Purple Whale Publishing is the publisher.
cover Wanderer: The Ultimate Hippy Trail Journey“Wanderer” is republished without change, other than noting that Purple Whale Publishing is the publisher.

The first editions, originally published by Nightengale Press, have been discontinued. After 15 years in the business, Valerie Connelly of Nightengale Media has “retired” – actually, she’s gone on to other new and exciting ventures. Valerie was my devoted editor and the publisher of my first two books. I am deeply indebted to her for her hard work, her professional guidance, and her sound advice as I brought my books to market. Thank you so much, Valerie.