Video Interviews

Co-authors F.T. Burke and Steve Reifman talk about WANDERER, with host Kimberly Field.



Wanderer - Fictional Woodstock Character

The two co-Authors, Burke and Reifman, describe the fictional character, Woodstock. He is based on many of Mr. Reifman's actual journey experiences. However, Mr. Burke created dialogue and interactions that are totally fictional.

Wanderer - Crazy Antics / Biggest Challenge

Author F.T. Burke discusses the crazy r-rated antics of the main character Woodstock. Burke also addresses his biggest challenges in building the novel based on many true adventures of co-author Steve Reifman.

Wanderer - Magic on the Road

Co-Author Steve Reifman talks about the magic on the road while traveling the Hippie Trail.

Wanderer - 50 Years to Birth

Co-Authors F.T. Burke and Steve Reifman discuss the time lapse from the actual experience of the Hippy Trail to writing the book to commemorate the event, some 50 years later.

Wanderer - Influence of the Beatles

Co-Author Steve Reifman describes his fascination and the influence on society by the Fab Four, The Beatles.

Wanderer - Commemoration of Woodstock

Co-Author Steve Reifman talks about his excitement for the upcoming 50-year Woodstock festival commemoration.

Wanderer -- The Hippy Movement

Co-Author, Steve Reifman describes his take on the dawning of the hippie movement.

Wanderer - Funny Co-Author

Co-Author Steve Reifman is a funny man and his own biggest fan. Hilarious!

Wanderer - Sex in the Book

The Co-authors discuss the many instances of easy-going sex in the story.

Wanderer - Selling Books

The Co-authors state their goal for selling many copies of Wanderer.

Wanderer - Wavy Gravy at Woodstock

Co-Author Steve Reifman describes his experience at Woodstock in 1969, especially meeting the Hog Farm and Wavy Gravy.

Wanderer - Hog Farm in Amsterdam

Co-author Steve Reifman describes his actual experience of running into the hog farm and Wavy Gravy in Amsterdam in October 1971. He first met them at Woodstock in August 1969.

Wanderer - Hog Farm in India

Co-author Steve Reifman describes his actual experience of running into the hog farm in India. It was the third time he came in the orbit of the hog farm: 1) Woodstock 2) Amsterdam 3) India

Wanderer - The Love Nun

Author, F.T. Burke reads an excerpt from "Wanderer," regarding a nun that the character, Woodstock, meets with his friends while visiting The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.

Wanderer - Clyde the Camel

Co-Author Steve Reifman reads a short excerpt from the book "Wanderer" on Clyde the Camel.

Wanderer - India to Nepal

Co-Author Steve Reifman charts his course on a map from northern India to Kathmandu, Nepal.

Wanderer - Kathmandu, Nepal

Co-Author Steve Reifman reads an excerpt from 'Wanderer' where the main character, Woodstock, freshly arrived in Nepal, is walking around checking out the sites of Kathmandu and a monkey temple.

Wanderer - The Paradiso in Amsterdam

Co-Author Steve Reifman reads an excerpt from the book 'Wanderer.' An event takes place at The Paradiso in Amsterdam. A naked birthday girl wears a clear plastic suit with appendages for drinking a liquid. Hilarious!

Wanderer - Interviewer, Kim Field, signs off

Interviewer Kim Field thanks the authors and encourages people to go to the website and get a copy of the Wanderer book to join in the fun.