The Journey

United States

  • October 1971
  • Arrive at Kennedy Airport in New York City
  • Greyhound Bus from Madison Square Garden
  • via Cleveland and Toledo to downtown Detroit
  • bus to local shopping center and walk home


  • From Antwerp by Train to Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Spend last days in Europe, enjoying the sights of Amsterdam
  • Non Stop Jet Plane from Amsterdam on KLM Student Charter flight to USA


  • Continue hitchhiking in Belgium
  • Arrive in Antwerp


  • Hitchhike across southwest Germany to Belgium border


  • Train to Basil, then Zurich, Switzerland
  • Hitchhike to German border


  • Hitchhike from Zagreb, crossing Austrian border from Yugoslavia
  • Hitchhike to Graz, Austria
  • Experience moment of Synchronicity - Viewing TV for first time in a year
  • Train trip through Austria to border with Switzerland


  • Failed hitchhike adventure out of Greece
  • Purchase a train fare to Zagreb, Yugoslavia
  • Hitchhike to Austrian border


  • September 1971
  • Hitchhike from Istanbul to Turkish border
  • Walk across bridge from Turkey into Greece
  • Hitch a ride to Thessalonika, Greece


  • Busses to Erzurum
  • Busses to Trabzon
  • Passenger ship on the Black Sea to Istanbul for 2 days
  • Hitchhike with friend to Turkish / Greek border


  • Bus to Maschad in Eastern Iran from Afghani border
  • Trains from Maschad through Teheran to Tabriz
  • Hitchhiking and busses to Macau in far Western Iran near the Turkish border


  • Local busses from border to Kabul
  • Busses to Mazar I Sharif
  • Cab from Mazar I Sharif back to Kabul
  • Bus to Kandahar
  • Bus to Herat 


  • Bus from Indian border to Lahore, Pakistan
  • Train to Peshower
  • Local busses from Peshower to Afghani border


  • Air India flight to Patna from Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Indian Trains to Banaras (Varanasi)
  • Visit to Deer Park in Sarnath - where the Buddha was enlightened
  • Indian Trains to New Delhi
  • Indian trains to Ferospore, India
  • To Pakistan border by train and then bus


  • July 1971
  • Train through the jungles to Nepali border
  • Bus ride to Kathmandu on rickety jerky bus
  • Spend a month in the temples and clouds of Kathmandu
  • Air India flight to Patna, India


  • May and June 1971
  • Cross over to the Indian border in Ferospore
  • Horse drawn cart to the Green Hotel
  • Train to Pathankot, India
  • On top and in back of trucks through the Himalayas
  • Journey through a 5 mile tunnel into the Kashmir Valley of Srinigar
  • Cab to Pahalgam
  • 18 mile trek by foot to Sheshnag Lake and back
  • Hitchhike and bus to McCloud Ganj
  • Audience with the Dalai Lama 
  • By bus through the Himalayas
  • Bus & Train to Delhi
  • Indian Trains to Agra
  • Indian Trains to Banaras


  • May 1971
  • Just passing through Pakistan
  • Cab to Peshawer through the Khyber pass
  • Train to Lahore
  • Bus to Indian border


  • Late April / early May 1971
  • Cross into Afghanistan from the Iranian border
  • Bus to Herat
  • Local bus to Kandahar
  • Local bus to Kabul
  • Bus through Kabul Gorge to Pakistan border


  • April 1971
  • Local busses to Iranian border than to Macou, a tiny town in Iran
  • To Tehran via luxury Iranian busses
  • Bus to Maschad
  • Experience Islamic Holy Day Parade
  • Bus to border with Afghanistan


  • Walk and hitchhike from Aleppo, Syria into Turkey
  • Hitchhike from Antioch via Tarsus (St. Paul’s hometown)
  • Deluxe Turkish Busses along the Sea from Mersin
  • Istanbul on Turkish busses via Konya and Ankara
  • 3-day train trip across Turkey to that far Eastern city of Erzurum
  • Local bus to Iranian border


  • Hitchhike alone from Beirut, Lebanon to Damascus, Syria
  • Hitchhike from Damascus,
  • Cab ride 250 kms east into Desert to Palmyra
  • Back by cab to Homs
  • Local bus to Aleppo


  • Arrive in Beirut, Lebanon via Potato and Artichoke boat overnight from Cyprus
  • Drive with hippy friends to Hashish Capital in Baalbek
  • Hitchhike to Tripoli, in northern Lebanon
  • then back to Beirut


  • Flew from Tel Aviv by El Al (Israel National Airlines) 
  • Hitch a ride to Nicosia
  • To the port of Famagusta


  • El Al airplane from Rome to Israel
  • Bus from Tel Aviv
  • Kibbutz Ayelet Hashachar, Upper Galilee, Israel    (January and February 1971)
  • Hitchhike hither and yon from Kibbutz through Jericho, Jerusalem, and Arab Territories in the West Bank
  • Eilat, Israel (at the top of the Red Sea in Southern Israel--March 1971)
  • Hitchhike back to Kibbutz, then via Haifa in northern Israel to airport


  • Overnight Sea Voyage by ship from Tunis to Sicily
  • Hitchhike along the Northern Coast of Sicily
  • Christmas and New Years Eve 1970
  • Ferry Boat from Messina
  • Hitchhike from Reggio
  • Hitchhike and train from Naples
  • Rome


  • Hitchhiking and walking to Algerian / Tunisian border
  • Walking and hitching from Babouch
  • Hitchhiking from Ain Draham
  • Bus to Tunis


  • December 1970
  • Hitchhike to Oran
  • Hitchhike to Algiers
  • Hitchhike to Setif, Annaba, and the Tunisian border


  • November 1970
  • Bus from the Moroccan border
  • Bus from Tetuan
  • Train (Marrakesh Express) from Casablanca
  • Hitchhike and Bus to Essaouira
  • Bus to Marrakesh, Morocco
  • Train (Marrakesh Express) back to Casablanca
  • Hitchhiking via Rabat and Meknes to Fez
  • Train to Taza, Morocco
  • Hitchhike and bus to Algerian border


  • VW Van from Andorra City through the Pyrenees to Barcelona for one night
  • Spanish Steamer to Ibiza,
  • Small motor boat to Island of Formentera,
  • Small motor boat back from Formentera under police custody to Ibiza,
  • Spanish Steamer from Ibiza to Valencia on the Mainland
  • Overnight Train to Granada from Valencia
  • Bus from Granada to the Costa Del Sol, along the Mediterranean Coast
  • Bus to Algeciras, Spain, in sight of the Rock of Gibraltar
  • Small Ferry from Algeciras, Spain, to Ceuta, a Spanish enclave on the North African coast
  • Walk to the Moroccan Border


  • VW van from Paris through Limoges, France to the Pyrenees Mountains,
  • Spend a night in Andorra.


  • From London to Dover, England in a VW Van,
  • Ferry across English Channel to Calais, France,
  • Drive to outskirts of Paris in Van,
  • Le Metro (subway) to Notre Dame and Louvre
  • Back to the road


  • Ferry boat across English Channel to Dover from Oostende, Belgium
  • Hitchhike to Central London
  • Spend a week enjoying the sights of London
  • Stay in a hostel with other young hippy travelers


  • Hitchhike and train ride from Amsterdam to Oostende, Belgium
  • Getting ready to cross the English Channel


  • Train from Brussels to Amsterdam Central Station
  • Ten Days of High Times in Amsterdam


  • Hitchhiked in a big blue truck
  • Destination: Brussels, Belgium


  • October 1970
  • Detroit Metro Airport to New York City by Jet Plane
  • Propeller Plane to Reykjavík, Iceland for re-fueling
  • Fly to Europe
  • Airport of the City of Luxembourg


  • Mid-August 1969
  • Detroit to Toronto by VW bug
  • Toronto to Bethel, New York by VW bug