Co-Authors: F.T. Burke and Steve Reifman

Mr. Burke and Mr. Reifman collaborated over several years to produce the ultimate hippy trail adventure, “Wanderer.”

The novel was inspired by many of the true life experiences of Mr. Reifman in his youth.  The two co-authors put their heads together in going through personal journals, old notes, letters, and paraphernalia of the times to produce a rough draft manuscript.

Then Mr. Burke took that material and fictionalized the story.




Steven W. Reifman is a practicing lawyer and businessman. He took a journey similar in time and place to that of the main character, Woodstock, in “Wanderer.”

Steve was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, in 1948, and has three children, two grandchildren, and an enduring, love-filled marriage of over forty years.

F.T. Burke

Mr. Burke’s debut novel, The Bohemian Adventure, is a journey of self enlightenment for the main character, while traveling among the deadhead followers of the psychedelic rock group, the Grateful Dead.

Mr. Burke’s follow up novel is the ultimate hippy trail journey in Wanderer, a book inspired by true adventures that are fictionalized by Mr. Burke. The lead character, Woodstock, travels the famous trail in 1970-71, that closed down permanently after the Iranian revolution in 1978.