Wanderer Weekly – Morocco Special

The Morocco Special highlights a six-week sojourn in Morocco of a year-long wandering journey that a hippie traveler took over fifty years ago (the inspiration for Wanderer, the Ultimate Hippy Trail Journey).  He first enters the country in November 1970.  Stevie Wander describes his experiences in Casablanca, Marrakesh, Essaouira, Fez, Tetuan and more.

Starting from the Rock of Gibraltar facing the shores of Africa, the intrepid hippie sails to the continent but finds out much to his dismay that he will not be allowed entrance into the country with his wild red curly long-hair.  He must undergo two haircuts, at the border, before he is allowed to enter Morocco.

The culture shock is enormous as Stevie Wander enters Islamic culture for the first time in his life.  A stranger in a strange land.  The people are wonderful and perhaps too friendly.  He enjoys visiting the tea-houses and partaking in the local hashish and kif.  High as a kite on most days in Morocco.  “All aboard the Marrakesh Express!”  Stevie stays with Westerners in a communal situation on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Essaouira, winds up with a girlfriend for awhile, then hitchhikes across Morocco to Fez, then continues across North Africa with a blonde female companion.

Stevie Wander traveled through some 26 countries on his year-long journey wandering the globe some fifty years ago.

Come hear and read more about this phenomenal adventure that inspired the novel, Wanderer—The Ultimate Hippy Trail Adventure.

Stevie Wander
Wanderer (2nd ed.) cover

Co-author Steve Reifman celebrated the 50th anniversary of the ultimate hippy trail journey. His adventure, the inspiration for the book Wanderer co-written with F.T. Burke, took him across four continents through 26 countries in 1970-1971. On the Golden Anniversary of his adventure, Steve Reifman – or “Stevie Wander,” as he likes to be called – tells the true tales behind the story.

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