Wanderer Weekly – Afghanistan Special

This Afghanistan Special highlights 2 portions of a year-long wandering journey that a hippie traveler took fifty years ago.  He first enters the country in April of 1971 on his journey east.  Stevie Wander describes his experiences in Herat, Kandahar, and Kabul. Then the Kabul River Gorge.  On his way back from Nepal and India the wandering hippie re-enters Afghanistan in August of 1971 and journeys  to Mazar-i-Sharif, as well, traversing through the Hindukush mountains.

Stevie Wander describes the diversity of his experiences in the ancient land of Afghanistan.  From the tea house culture, to lighting a hookah of hashish, men gathered for partridge bird fights, women cloaked in Burkas, camels everywhere, the ever present wearing of skull caps, hanging out on Chicken Street in Kabul, visiting the ancient city of Balkh to buy some hashish, and many fun times visiting with the local people and the constant stream of travelers you meet along the way. 

Stevie Wander traveled through some 26 countries on his year-long wandering journey fifty years ago, but the one country that left the strongest impression on his soul was Afghanistan. 

Come hear and read more about this phenomenal adventure that inspired a novel, Wanderer–The Ultimate Hippy Trail Adventure link.

Stevie Wander