Wanderer Weekly #9: Essaouira to Fez

It’s week #9 in Morocco and Stevie Wander is hitting the road, traveling from Essaouira to Marrakesh to Casablanca to Fez and across North Africa. His new platonic traveling companion, golden-haired Nancy, attracts unwanted advances from the native men. Our wanderer must assume protector status to keep his travel-mate safe on the road. From the Marrakesh Express train ride to hitch hiking several hundred miles and finally arriving at the world reknown Great Market of Fez. Come join in the fun!

Co-author Steve Reifman celebrates the 50th anniversary of the ultimate hippy trail journey. His adventure, the inspiration for the book Wanderer co-written with F.T. Burke, took him across four continents through 26 countries in 1970-1971. Now, on the Golden Anniversary of his adventure, Steve Reifman – or “Stevie Wander,” as he likes to be called – tells the true tales behind the story.

Join Stevie on a weekly adventure, kicked off on September 30th, 2020. Click on this Playlist link to get introduced and catch up with all the adventurous clips in this Weekly Wanderer series.