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Author F.T. Burke is interviewed about his new book, ‘The Bohemian Adventure.’

What inspired you to write The Bohemian Adventure?

I had a fabulous adventure experience one summer and I thought it would be cool if I could take the framework of that real experience and then build my own story within.  I was not interested in doing a non-fiction memoir. I chose to do a novel in memoir form, instead. All the characters are made up people, based, many times on actual people I’ve known.

What is the story about?

The story is about a guy who has been through some tough times and is attempting to re-make himself into the person he aspires to be. He lives in the woods like a hermit, as he figures things out for himself in solitude out in nature. Suddenly one night he is inundated by an endless clan of free spirit gypsy-types. The main character is swept up on an adventure with these counter-culture people. He embarks on a journey to free his consciousness!

How come you named your lead characters Ted Senario and Cricket?

The names worked for me as I embodied the characters during the creation and writing process.

I chose the last name ‘Senario’ because when I set out originally to write the book I wanted a moniker that could apply to the every-man or every-woman reader. What kind of scenario would that be, I thought. Then I dropped the ‘c’ and capitalized the word and started using it as Ted’s last name. Then as I went through each successive re-write, the name became ingrained, and it stuck.

As for the character, Cricket, I was inspired by a real-life individual very similar in nature to the character Cricket.

Why did you make the followers of the band — The Grateful Dead, the deadheads, such an eclectic mix — as the centerpiece of your novel?

The deadheads provided a broad platform for me to introduce various subjects and themes into the the story flow. I was able to use my imagination to create and mold situations and circumstances that uniquely fit into the unfolding adventure story line.

And also because it was fun and interesting to write about all these unique characters in the deadhead clans.

Do you think people may say there is too much sex, drugs, and immoral behavior in your book?


I don’t think so, though. It is pretty tame by today’s standards.

Are the pamphlets you referenced in Chapter 11, available?

Yes! They can be accessed for free download on the author website. All readers of the book will want to download these.

Cricket and Mignon borrow Ted’s journal notebooks in the story and create these pamphlets from them.

Download Pamphlets

What is your intent with the "Bohemian Stream of Consciousness" as you say?

The Bohemian Streams are the story within the story.

My intent is to take the reader into the mind of the writer of the story. Ted is telling his story as he writes. Then he goes off on a stream of consciousness. He is no longer writing now. You are in Ted’s mind, thinking his thoughts.

This will be easy to get across on the audio version of the book by having two different narrators. However, in the text it is harder to signify the difference. I put all the bohemian streams that are sprinkled throughout the story into a block style format in italics.

Ted is telling his story to the reader in the present tense active voice. You are there with him, experiencing his bohemian adventure. But then something happens that is jolting different from the smooth story line.

You have entered Ted’s stream of consciousness. Ted will think private things he wouldn’t write down in his story. But you are there as a reader, inside Ted’s head, thinking his private bohemian stream.

Then you snap back into the main storyline as Ted continues unfolding the story.

What is your writing process?

Out in solitude in nature I’m stress free to produce at optimum levels.

Environment is very important for a creative individual. When I’m indoors I have a variety of methods that get me working on a writing project. I keep a running self-made library of facts and figures on index cards. I rifle through my stacks of cards to get my mind rolling in thought. Then when the inspiration comes I’m ready with pen and paper. I write everything about by hand first. Then I type it up later.

Do you write every day?


How long did it take to write the book?

I wrote the first draft in the summer of 2006 while on an extended camping vacation in the Porcupine Mountains of the upper peninsula in Michigan, at Lake of the Clouds.

The whole first draft of the bohemian adventure was written out on yellow legal pads. I must of used thirty of those writing pads. Then I typed it up. In each successive draft I worked with the previous digital version as a base. Then I did all my editing and rewriting on hard copy drafts and then retyped all that up to produce a new draft of the manuscript. I went through five rewrites, so that’s six different versions of the book as the story evolved and I fine-tuned things.

What is your next book in the "Bohemian Odyssey" series?

"The Bohemian Down Under."

The lead character, Ted Senario, will get involved in some bohemian causes as he continues his search for his truth.

Tell me about the other books and stories you’re writing. What are they called and what are they about?
  • The Wanderer
    • Takes place from 1969 to 1971. Main character attends Woodstock and then travels on a wandering journey thru 26 countries.
    • Novel.
  • The Bohemian Down Under
    • The follow up book to The Bohemian Adventure.
    • Ted Senario travels to New Zealand and Austrailia on a new Bohemian journey
  • Who’s Shaking the Spear?
    • Did Francis Bacon write Shakespeare?
    • A thriller page-turner uncovers new evidence
    • Novel