Spiritual Awakening-Setting up the Frame of Mind to Enlightenment

hiking photoIn a spiritual frame of mind, there comes a point of experience in life when material motivations cease to nourish happiness and wellbeing. At this point, a journey into the consciousness that pervades every substratum of life must begin.

Into this spiritual consciousness is a journey without any worldly goal. In fact, goals of the world must be released for the time being so as to fully allow the unfolding of higher levels of consciousness and enlightenment to unfold in the journeyer. And on the other side of this great awakening, it is seen that there is only one goal of the world, and that is to embody the spiritual reality in fullest expression.

To accurately discuss what spiritual awakening is, we must begin by looking at what it is not. To this end, it is not the body, although it inhabits the body, it is the mind; it is not form although form arises from it.

Awakening from a spiritual context refers to the stream of awareness that can be seen as light, literally and figuratively. As light expands, so too does consciousness. And as the mind of a journeyer opens to see this inherent awareness/light that pervades all cosmic interaction, to include the microcosm of atoms and particles, the journeyer (Ted Senario) begins to recognize the spiritual fields of consciousness that surround one’s self.

Excerpt from THE BOHEMIAN ADVENTURE: A Voyage to Free Consciousness

Another sunrise with Cricket and her gang after an all night party.

I’m looking forward to a transcendental moment! I was caught unawares, on previous occasions. I’m ready for the sunrise trip today. I still relish the experience of the moment of the sunrise that first day I met Cricket at Lake Minnawanna―the cheering throng followed by a silent meditation.

Other worldly cosmic consciousness. A life beyond death. Undulating transcendental spheres. Vibrating. Spatial Vortex pulsating. Magnetic cerebral energies. Flowing swiftly through the currents of time. Attracting to the attuned mind. Enwrapped. Absorbed. Consciousness awakening. Stream of life enrapturing. The infinite within. Seed bud, roots of soul generation. Psychical Miracle. Swift flowing transcendent measures. I am that I am that I am―a spiritual force animating a physical presence. Am I awake or self-deluded?

As this recognition arises, a sense of expansion into this field is experienced and the transcendence of material motivations is reached. In order to initiate this function of spiritual consciousness, all one must do is begin with opening the mind, proceed to an opening of the heart, continue deeper and deeper into the “unknown” and as this occurs, deeper and deeper realizations of Self arise to awaken the mind to ever increasing domains of Unity.

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