The Bohemian Adventure

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Are you living the life you’re truly meant to live?

This simple question drives Ted Senario to blaze a trail to a new beginning. Ted escapes to the shores of Lake Minnawanna nestled in the Michigan wilderness to live in solitude and reflection. He plans to experience his self-made re-birthing process alone in the bosom of nature. But Mother Nature – and the Deadheads – have other plans.

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14 reviews for The Bohemian Adventure

  1. Allen Miller

    it’s a fascinating story. I was hooked right away.

  2. kimberly field

    Skillfully introducing the reader to the world of the Deadheads, the Bohemian Adventure was an adventure within an adventure! The characters were unique and engaging as they lived their lives in the freedom of a counter culture. A real ‘coming of age’ story for those of us who have already come of age!

  3. Steve Reifman

    This is high adventure…and a lot of fun. The chapters about the Deadheads are fascinating, and the history of the Grateful Dead and their followers is a wonderful education. I really love the tours of DC and New York City. The characters are endlessly fun and interesting people. It is worth a read or two.

  4. Bill Kappele

    The Bohemian Adventure’ is a fascinating book that kept me reading
    intently to the end. It is the story of Ted Senario, a man who is
    devastated by his wife’s unexpected departure. In the depth of his
    grief he is thrust into an adventure that, surprisingly, brings him
    great joy. He decides to try to continue this adventure, relishing the
    joy he feels and trying to understand its source. After many failed
    experiments in finding the source of his joy, Ted’s adventure appears to
    end suddenly, leaving him alone and far from home. Hitchhiking home
    with a nature-loving trucker, he begins to understand the true source of
    his joy–a free consciousness.

  5. Holly Nolfo

    I loved reading this reflective, soul-searching book. The main characters are well-rounded. I especially enjoyed the free-spirited Cricket. This is quite the adventure, not your normal type of book. Good fun.

  6. Frances Detmer

    Bohemian adventure – yes, took us on an adventure. Much thought processing for each reader to explore, their own inner self. Easy read . Fun experience.

  7. Vicki Parker

    I love this book. I’ve purchased several books as gifts for family and friends. Good start to a great writing career Mr Burke. I’m looking forward to the next book.

  8. Pat Elvidge

    ‘The Bohemian Adventure’ is not my normal reading material, but I had a good time reading the story. I felt the book was very interesting and informative. It’s a good page-turner and I learned a lot. I highly recommend this book.

  9. Lynette Taylor

    This is an adventure into an era I lived through but was not privy to… the inner life of Ted is authentically revealing in a way that stirred my heart. The whimsical Cricket comes alive. Her enthusiasm was palpable. A wonderful read into a world I never knew existed… fantasy, realism and adventure! When is ftburke’s next book coming out? Hopefully, soon!

  10. Danny Grinnell

    What a great slice of life and a great story. It really reminded me of a soul searching time in my own life and how things seem to really work out if you are in the right place at the right time. very enjoyable. I cant wait to read more from F.T.

  11. Lorie Lulick

    I loved the book! It took me on an exciting journey and I felt like I was there with Ted as he experienced the adventures. It was a fun read that I didn’t want to put down. Looking forward to the next book.

  12. Gary Harris

    I really enjoyed the book. The Bohemian Adventure is an engaging story that is very entertaining. It is well written. I could actually picture myself in every scene. The characters in the story were really fleshed out well, especially Cricket, The Baron, Wow, and Ted. I also appreciated many of the well placed quotes of some of the world’s greatest thinkers. I think this book would be a great read for anybody. I highly recommend it—5 stars!

  13. Linda Wheeler

    This is a great book. I like the personal nature of the story. The writer takes the reader into the mind of the main character, Ted. Ted goes on this outward bohemian adventure with many sixties type hippies. But it’s the inner voyage the main character explores that shines a light on his soul for him to understand his self. Wonderful storytelling. Easy reading. Great writing. You will love this book.

  14. Bryan Watson (verified owner)

    An enjoyable romp that mixes fun and fantasy with consciousness-raising, in the midst of a Deadheads adventure. Truly Bohemian. I read this book after seeing the documentary “Long Strange Trip”. The book is a perfect add-on to the film.

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