Rigors of the Road

While we all love to glorify our travels, we often forget “the rigors of the road.”  The challenges of finding a cheap hotel or even a somewhat safe place to lay our sleeping bags are well understood but not glorified.  Even finding a simple meal can be so difficult in Algeria, or Pakistan, then comes the price to pay in money that is difficult to negotiate when the traveler does not speak the local language.

And don’t forget about injuries and other ailments, from a sprained ankle to a very upset stomach.  In “Wanderer” our hero faces all of these “rigors” and more.   Even today a simple trip to the next city, or a day trip in the country can be filled with mishaps.

Then imagine finding yourself in 1970 with a simple map, trying to find your way through Iran or Afghanistan, at a time without cellphones, internet, digital cameras, etc.    It is important to remember the incredible lack of technology back then.  We have come to be so accustomed to our gadgets.  Plus, there were no credit cards, all money had to be in cash or “traveler’s checks,” the medium of the day.

On the hippie trail the rigors of the road were a constant reality to deal with day by day.