Lost in Time

I was amazed upon reading the Wanderer story at how closely it related to my experiences. I was just out of college in 1974 and I decided to do some world traveling before I settled into my adult life.

Me and several of my girlfriends flew to India and began our trek. I think its much easier for men to travel this way then women. We stayed together as a group during our summer-long travels, but it was very difficult at times to get around traveling, to find the right things to eat or places to stay. In fact it was a drudgery most of the time. But we had a great time once we reached Kathmandu.

This period of my life has been lost in time in my mind. This book helped bring long buried memories rushing back to my awareness. It almost feels like another lifetime, not my own.

I came home and got a job and then got married, had children, raised them and now I’m a grandparent and a great grandma. I never talked about those times to my family. I was more of a wild and carefree youth in those days. I smoked pot every day. Now I haven’t smoked a joint in over 40 years.

It was fun reading the book. I had to laugh many times.

– Rita Barnes