Detroit to Toronto by VW bug


Toronto to New York by VW bug


To Bethel, New York for Woodstock

Flikr: Green VW Bug

Flikr: Welcome to Toronto sign

Flikr: Welcome to New York sign

Wikipedia: Woodstock - two hippies
Wikipedia: Woodstock - Richie Havens
Wikipedia: Woodstock - Swami Satchidananda opening
Wikipedia: Woodstock - Crowd clappin
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Google Images: Woodstock - Crown Walking to concert
Google Images: Woodstock- Decorated Busses
Google Images: Woodstock- Hog Farmers on Bus
Google Images: Woodstock- The Crowd
Flikr: Woodstock- VW Van seen better
Flikr: Woodstock- Wavy & Michael
Flikr: Woodstock- Wavy & a Crowd
Wikipedia: Woodstock- Poster
Flikr: Woodstock- Mud Party

Wikipedia: Woodstock- Yasgur Farm 1968
Hemmings Motor News: New York City - Grayhound Bus
Google Images: New York City - 42nd Street
Google Images: New York City - street scene 1970s
Google Images: New York City- Lady on street
Google Images: New York City - JFK Airport
Google Images: New York City - Bus station at MSG
Google Images: Detroit City - Aerial View Downtown 1970
Google Images: Detroit City - Old Bus Station
Google Images: Detroit City- Post card aerial
Google Images: Detroit City- welcome to detroit sign & street