Mersin, Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea


Istanbul, Turkey


Erzurum, Turkey

We finally arrive in Erzurum, Turkey after three days on the train, sometime literally going backwards to accommodate a train coming the other way in areas where there is only one track. This Eastern Turkish town is still nestled in snow covered mountains at this time of year, nearing late April. (Wanderer, page 293)
I get a hotel room for the night. Erzurum is a great embarkation spot for the East, and though it is not much of a town, the excitement of East meeting West is palpable. (Wanderer, page 293)

Flikr: Istanbul - aerial of city
Flikr: Istanbul - ship channel
Flikr: Istanbul- crowded city
Flikr: Istanbul - Santa Sophi
Flikr: Istanbul - from the water
Flikr: Istanbul - Golden Horn pan
Flikr: Istanbul - old Bazaar
Facebook: Istanbul - pudding shop
Pinterest: Istanbul - Tower & city
Ruven: Istanbul - Blue Mosque
Flikr: Istanbul - Blue Mosque 2
Flikr: Erzurum - mountainscape from road
Flikr: Erzurum - street scene
Flikr: Mersin - view by the sea 1
Flikr: Mersin - view by the sea 2
Flikr: Mersin - view by the sea 3