Home Sweet Home


Home is where the heart is, regardless of the distance of separation. The social circle of family, friends and loved ones is like a magnet drawing one back home.

I actually did the trip that is described in the book, “Wanderer.”  In fact, the book was based on my true adventure experiences.  Many of the things described in the book are pure fiction, but the travel and times were absolutely real.   I loved being a hippy and traveling the world, in spite of the many rigors of the road, but I also kept that “Mythic Home” in my mind.

The idea of finally going home for a rest, and to see the world of people I left behind, was always a “Big Deal” to me during my year on the road.  Some folks on the Hippy Trail never went home and instead joined the international groups of Ex-Patriots.  Those Ex-Pats were not on the road for a short while, because they basically never returned to a normal home life.

There is that sweet part of travel, the after effect, the story of your adventure, the reason we go, to experience real life adventure. Upon returning home, to talk about it and to reminisce. Home Sweet Home, with tales to tell.   When I got home, I had the excitement of my reunions with family and friends, endless stories to tell, a great rush of emotions.

 I discovered I’ve got the same quandaries in the life I left behind and tried to ignore for my year of journey.  But it was all worth it. I grew as a person, learned many things about cultures and people around the globe. The experience provided a foundation for me to grow into the person I am today.