Goodwill Individual

In The Bohemian Adventure, Cricket is the goodwill ambassador for her band of Deadheads and friends. She is the Mother Hen to anyone who intersects with her orbit.

Cricket teaches by doing, by her own example. She sets a high standard by acting on what she preaches –love, goodwill toward others, compassion, empathy, always doing the right thing.

Ted, by contrast, is somewhat of a social outcast – or so he feels before his adventure begins. But things change dramatically after his chance meeting with Cricket. Only moments later, Ted finds himself on an adventure, unexpected, unplanned, a Deadhead journey.

Cricket, in her usual way, takes Ted by the hand and leads him through this adventure. Taking the lead is natural for Cricket – she’s just being herself, and that’s all it takes for Ted, like everyone else, to follow. Cricket is the queen of her world, her Bohemia, and she welcomes Ted to that world. For Cricket, Ted is ‘the Bohemian.’

Ted had spent years reading about transcendentalist principles. He had read Thoreau’s On Walden Pond and had imagined himself in such a self-reflective state. But when Ted is drawn into Cricket’s orbit, his imagined world becomes a real-life adventure, a struggle to emerge from his protective shell and experience the search for self-awareness and self-understanding. Cricket is Ted’s muse as he records his story – their story – in The Bohemian Adventure.

Come join the adventure!

Read more about Ted’s enlightenment in THE BOHEMIAN ADVENTURE: A Voyage to Free Consciousness by F.T. Burke.
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