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The desire to fully answer this simple question drives Ted Senario to blaze a trail to a new beginning. Ted escapes to the shores of Lake Minnawanna nestled in the Michigan wilderness to live in solitude and reflection. He plans to experience his self-made re-birthing process alone in the bosom of nature. But Mother Nature has other plans. A tsunami of counter culture exuberance from a traveling caravan following The Grateful Dead engulfs his tent.

The magnetic and mysterious Cricket—a charismatic feminine pied-piper befriends Ted and pulls him into her world. Offbeat, humorous, engaging, electric Cricket names Ted ‘The Bohemian,’ and inspires him to follow an unplanned adventure that frees his consciousness and leads him in a new life direction.

Embarking on a thirty-three-day journey of self-discovery and revelry with this community of new-found friends, Ted takes his seat in a classic VW 60’s era van and travels deep into his soul in the summer of 1993.

Excerpt from THE BOHEMIAN ADVENTURE: A Voyage to Free Consciousness

After Cricket leaves with the group of deadheads, I sit at the edge of the shoreline of little Lake Minnawanna, staring into the soft wind-swept ripples in the water. Shiny diamond sparkles dance to and from the sunshine reflection on the surface of the lake. I ponder the things I have said to Cricket, the things she said to me, all the events since awakening:

Why am I here? What have I become? Where am I going?
I wonder often―and often don’t know. This mysterious
life is a riddle with no answers. Perhaps it’s just me.
Why do I have to search and seek so deep? Always on
the edge, never satisfied and content with the view.
Something hidden is lurking. I’m being summoned and
I don’t know how to answer. What is it, Ted? Do you
know yourself―really know yourself? Wake Up, Ted!

Human doubt and fear of change keep us stuck with attitudes, beliefs and daily routines that don’t support us and allow us to evolve naturally. We limp along thinking there is no solution, suffering through business failures, difficult relationships, health issues, confusion, lack of direction, or chronic pain from the past. We doubt ourselves and desist instead of demanding and seeking a solution in the world.

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