Coming To Your Own Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening simply refers to self-development, leading an internally joyous life, soul awakening, leading a balanced life as well as leading a spiritual life.

Excerpt from THE BOHEMIAN ADVENTURE: A Voyage to Free Consciousness

After Cricket leaves with the group of deadheads, I sit at the edge of the shoreline of little Lake Minnawanna, staring into the soft wind-swept ripples in the water. Shiny diamond sparkles dance to and from the sunshine reflection on the surface of the lake. I ponder the things I have said to Cricket, the things she said to me, all the events since awakening:

Why am I here? What have I become? Where am I going?
I wonder often―and often don’t know. This mysterious
life is a riddle with no answers. Perhaps it’s just me.
Why do I have to search and seek so deep? Always on
the edge, never satisfied and content with the view.
Something hidden is lurking. I’m being summoned and
I don’t know how to answer. What is it, Ted? Do you
know yourself―really know yourself? Wake Up, Ted!

Spiritual awakening is fixed as the ‘by-default’ universal purpose of everyone and when we are undergoing this spiritual transformation or change, the method, pace and outward conditions differ in individuals. Becoming aware of this silent soul awakening, we tend to become open to practical steps of life to accelerate the process.

When Ted became spiritually awakened, the way he views the world differs and he finds a gradual advancement in the manifestation of consciousness in nature. There are rivers, mountains, stones, water bodies, and hills that seem to be dead or inert. But a spiritually awakened person can sense the functioning of spirit in all these as well. These seemingly dead objects have their own cycles of life and there is advancement and complexity from one group to another.

We find the peak of the manifestation of spiritual consciousness in humans. We need to become humble and plain because with this comes the great task for manifesting the full potential of spirituality in our life. In fact, it is the true purpose and nature given will of everyone. Though all of us are being guided by destiny and our everyday actions are being streamlined to serve it in conscious and unconscious ways.

When we experience that there is something magnificent, grand or supernatural about a governing principle in life, the next thing for us to do is to take action. Spirituality is not all about thinking, it is more of acting and experiencing as this will help to open us to spiritual awakening on a conscious level.

Spiritual awakening is a gradual and continuous process; it is a naturally unwritten commandment that everyone is following unconsciously. The only thing for us to do is to become conscious of it and make step towards awareness.

Understanding the Practical Aspect of Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is the unfolding of Spirit in us. We know in theory that we are souls, but our thoughts, speech and behavior are far away from the spiritually attuned life.

Under normal conditions we are influenced and attached to objects of the five senses of sound, touch, vision, taste and smell, as well as to prejudices, biases and conditioning of our mind.

When we are advancing spiritually, we become connected at first with our own soul – the consciousness in us. And then, Spirit begins to influence our mind and body. This is like a gradual spiritualization of our entire being.

We become more peaceful, more content, more productive, more integrated, more in harmony within and with all of nature. We feel connected and the bonds of senses and bad habits begin to lose their hold on us.

Ultimately they shed off as if they had been foreign to us. We begin to accept ourselves, we become more connected, and we manifest the joy that is our nature. Remember pleasure is derived from contact of desired sense objects to senses and joy is our internal nature.

The true sign of spiritual advancement is getting non-causal joy during your spiritual practices and feeling glimpses of it during your working hours. Gradually as you become more and more intoxicated with this joy, know that you are progressing in Spirit. You will be fulfilled with this joy like no other things.

Most people attach miracles with spiritual advancement. It is a non-issue with a spiritually awakened person. Miracles are the normal functioning of spiritually advanced individuals. They are more able to experience and work through deep states of consciousness. It is natural to them.

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